From the Floor to the Fitting Room, Why Inventory Visibility Matters

Most retailers gain their profit solely from merchandise sales, which makes having real-time visibility across inventory a crucial component to success. From on-the-floor to the fitting room, inventory analytics can help retailers maintain a consistent in-stock position on the selling floor, ultimately boosting satisfaction and topline sales. RFID-enabled technology has paved the way to make inventory accuracy and visibility possible across various store functions. The following will outline how technologies, combined with retail analytics, can lead to better on-floor merchandise availability and happier customers.

Satisfaction Starts on the Floor
Visibility is necessary on the sales floor for a clear view to what inventory you have on hand, and in which store to achieve unified commerce fulfillment. For true on-floor visibility it’s best to use a combination of methods to achieve bottom line results. Blending RFID Cycle Counting, interactive restocking and inventory analytics can inform retailers of exactly what merchandise is accessible on the sales floor. This joint strategy not only identifies areas in need of restocking, but it also directs associates to follow inventory standards for merchandising and displays, an important factor in ensuring a positive customer experience.

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