Track & Trace

Supply Chain Track & Trace uses innovative RFID technology and cloud-based analytics to help track and control inventory throughout the supply chain. This user-friendly, mobile-enabled application offers real-time access to product flow data, providing smarter brand and customer protection.

With Track & Trace’s real-time reporting capabilities, data is read and synchronized through the central database to provide actionable analytics to allow retailers to:

  • Prevent counterfeiting with product traceability and identification at the item level
  • Detect gray market trading via audit reporting to help brand owners combat market diversion
  • Retrieve accurate item-level data and product history for gray market control
  • Monitor supply chain procedures— from supplier to DC to store— for increased operational efficiency
  • Improve decision making with real-time cloud-based analytics, powered by easy-to-use back office app
  • Ensure customer brand satisfaction and loyalty by verifying delivery and authenticity of genuine brand products
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